About Nice Fish Jr.

Welcome to the official website for the exciting television series: “Nice Fish Jr.”!

Meet Dylan, a thirteen year old angler wonder-kid, with more fishing skills than most adults. Join Dylan on his weekly expeditions, as he travels to remote areas of the Canadian wild, in search of adventure and big fish.

Can a thirteen year old kid handle a 40-pound salmon, a 50-pound lake trout, or a 100-pound sturgeon? Can he cast a fly, tie his own knots, and read the water? Is he engaging, enthusiastic, and educational? You bet he is! “Nice Fish Jr.” will entertain your entire family: tug at mothers’ heart strings, induce fathers to chuckle, and simply mesmerize the children-highlighting the wonders and possibilities of the outdoors.

Dylan is the prodigy and grandson of legendary West Coast angler, Gary Cooper. Gary is most recognized as the host of the renown, long-running “Nice Fish”, as well as the producer of other series, such as: “Gary Cooper’s Fishing Diary”, “Sport Fishing On the Fly” and “The Lodge”. Shot in vibrant high definition, “Nice Fish Jr.” airs on CHEK TV and WILD TV at various times, check your listings!

Follow Dylan’s Blog, check out his own personal Fishing Tips, browse the Gallery, or submit your own photos and questions. Check your local listing! You won’t want to miss a second of “Nice Fish Jr.”!

If you missed any of the 13 new episodes, or loved them so much you can’t wait to watch them again, check out the merchandise page and find out how you can order the whole first season!


Nice Fish Jr. is back on WILD TV until February 2014!

Don’t miss it!