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Cameron’s First Steelhead

The cold weather didn’t stop us from fishing this January! Our Papa took us to the Cowichan River to fish for Steelhead, and he even gave Cameron a brand new level wind rod! It was hard for Cameron at first learning how to use it, but in no time, he had hooked a fish and reeled it in all by himself! You can watch the whole thing by visiting my Papa’s vimeo channel, at https://vimeo.com/57953871



Me and the fam up at Cougar Mountain

Happy New Year!

Happy News years to everyone. I had a great winter break. Went snowmobiling up at Cougar mountain near Whistler! We went and checked out a frozen lake … would have been fun to do some ice fishing! Caught a few winter springs the other day when out with my Dad, papa and brother. Beautiful day on the ocean. 

Dylan’s Wish List!

Hey guys! I’m am so excited about the Holiday’s coming, and getting some time off school. I am missing fishing alot right now and really hope I get to do some river fishing soon. I am itching to get back to the stamp or maybe out towards Port Renfrew. I think I will put some steel heading gear on my wish list for Christmas!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years Guys! See you all in 2013!


Another Fishin' Day

Fall 2012 Update!

Fall is here and I have been busy working on some new dry fly patterns. I love fall river fishing. It is the best. So far I have caught a few Coho and some chum. By slowly giving the fly movement on the water I was able to score some nice fish!! I like to use the stimulator dry fly pattern. Black and purple are the hot colors. I really love my Okuma Helios reel when I am on the river. It has worked great for me.
School has been going great. I really like my teacher! I have to get good marks if I want to continue working on Nice Fish Junior so I work really hard at school. I really hope I get to go on some fun trips next year. On my wish list is Duncanby lodge. It is awesome up there.
from Dylan

What’s Next!

I can’t get enough of this beautiful weather, and yesterday I found out some really awesome news! My Papa is taking me on a…


Woohoo! We’re gonna drive all around BC and go fishing in all kinds of places! Fraser River is one spot I can’t wait to get too, I had such a great time catching sturgeon there last year! Papa is still working out the details, all I know is that its gonna be a fisherman’s heaven, and there is no better way I can think of to spend the summer! Don’t miss the great adventures to come, on Nice Fish Jr!

Busy Start to the Summer!

Back from playing in the surf in California. No fishing for me when I was there so it is time to get back to it. I am heading out Halibut fishing with my dad on the weekend. Very excited!

Holiday Excitement!

I am getting very excited for my school to finish up for holidays.  Holidays = time off for more fishing! I had a blast last weekend  Salmon fishing for winter springs with my dad and my good friend  Bentley.I did not think there actually was someone who was crazier  then me for fishing!  Bentley did not take his eyes off the rods. We  had so much fun when a huge sea lion grabbed our fish… he won the  battle. It was sunny and very cold out.
I plan on checking out the goldstream eagles over my holidays and  hopefully lot’s of winter spring fishing with Papa and my Dad.

No catches, but saved some fish!

Today I went fishing at Sunriver. We caught one steel head and saw a lot of fish jumping. It gets maddening when the fish are jumping all around you and can’t get one on your line. We tried a lot of different flies but we still could not catch a coho so after we went to sooke river and saved a whole bunch of fish because the tide came in and put a lot of water in the creek . The fish thought it was a good time to swim up it and then the tide went out so there was just little puddles and fish got trapped in those puddles – so we saved five fish. We took them up to the top pool where it was a little deeper so when the tide comes back in they can swim up a little farther up the stream

A day on the water

Fun Family Fishing

Summer is over and I am starting Junior High. I’m so excited but also a bit nervous. I had to make sure I got as much fishing in as possible these last few weeks before the fall weather and school started. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my dad catching big Chinooks, as well as lots of fishing in my backyard pond catching bass. It’s definitely helped me to relax before I gear up for a busy school year.

Make sure to watch Nice Fish Jr. this Saturday at 12:30pm. It’s an exciting episode filled with fun family fishing with my dad and my brother Cameron. Guess which one of us caught the biggest fish? Tune in to find out.

A day on the water

What a summer!

Holy smokes! I have been so busy this summer fishing and making shows with my Papa. I have experienced so many exciting trips over the last 2 months.  I got to to be a guide for a day and take my buddy Tim Cormode fishing up at Queen Charlotte Lodge. Tim works for Power To Be, an organization that provides outdoor activities for children with disabilities. I think that’s so cool! I was also at Qualicum Rivers Resort fishing for Salmon and huge Halibut with Mike as my guide, as well as fishing for Chum in Sooke river and catching big Steelhead! I also got to try something that I have never done before. Have you ever fished in a Motorized U-Tube? Well I have! David Hale invented the Motorized U-Tube, and boy are those things neat! Keep watching Nice Fish Jr. to watch me in action using this cool invention.