Dylan’s Fishing Tips

Dylan’s Fishing Tip #8

Troll in a zigzag and you’ll be amazed at how many times the outside rod will catch a fish.

Dylan’s Fishing Tip #7

If you’re jigging in deep waters, use big jigs. If you’re in shallow water, use smaller jigs.

Dylan’s Fishing Tip #6

When reeling bait in, keep your rod tip low so the bait doesn’t spring back at you – opposite to when you’ve got a fish on, and you want to keep your rod tip up.

Dylan’s Fishing Tip #5

If you start to feel seasick at all, it is best to watch the shoreline because it is still, so it won’t feel like you are moving as much.

Dylan’s Fishing Tip #4

You have to be careful when the fish is close to the boat. You don’t want to lose him in the motor.

Fighting Belt

Dylan’s Fishing Tip #3

A fighting belt really helps when playing big fish like Halibut. It’s a pad with a hole in it, and the rod goes in the hole which stops the rod from digging into your stomach.

Fighting Belt

Dylan’s Fishing Tip #2

If you’re using a bobber you have to strike real fast or the fish will spit out the hook.

Dylan’s Fishing Tip #1

Water clarity is very important when fishing. 1 or 2 feet of visibility is the best when you are fishing for Steelhead. If the water is clearer than that, it will spook the fish easily. If it is muddier than that, the fish seems to miss the lure.