Holy smokes! I have been so busy this summer fishing and making shows with my Papa. I have experienced so many exciting trips over the last 2 months.  I got to to be a guide for a day and take my buddy Tim Cormode fishing up at Queen Charlotte Lodge. Tim works for Power To Be, an organization that provides outdoor activities for children with disabilities. I think that’s so cool! I was also at Qualicum Rivers Resort fishing for Salmon and huge Halibut with Mike as my guide, as well as fishing for Chum in Sooke river and catching big Steelhead! I also got to try something that I have never done before. Have you ever fished in a Motorized U-Tube? Well I have! David Hale invented the Motorized U-Tube, and boy are those things neat! Keep watching Nice Fish Jr. to watch me in action using this cool invention.